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Apple Watch Series 7 GPS


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  • Large screen, small bezels
  • Easily personalized
  • Choice of models and sizes
  • Comprehensive health tracking
  • Reliable software and notifications
  • Fast charging
  • Stronger and tougher than before.
  • Only works with the iPhone


The Apple Watch Series 7 might just be the perfect smartwatch. Sorry to give the game away this early, but there are no secrets or surprises here — and that’s a good thing. A smartwatch should be an extension of your smartphone, yet also needs to be able to function reliably and usefully on its own. It should provide extensive, motivational, and informative health and activity tracking without alienating those who aren’t athletes. It should look great, and be easily customized to match your mood, style, and environment. It shouldn’t require constant supervision or have complex or gimmicky features that overshadow basic everyday usefulness. New models need to also improve over the previous version, so everyone can consider upgrading if they want.

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